Super cool project we worked on at Techno Image and Meindbender. A dream coming true. I'm really happy and I would like to thank Ale Prado (Creative Director of Africa) for the amazing opportunity.

I had the opportunity to work in many aspects of this spot.
From direction to Production supervision and photography direction.
I worked on in the main characters (incredibly designed by my partner Tiago Hoisel), Mike Sgoto and Paolo Pizza (also the Little Rats), being responsible for Modeling, Blend Shapes, texturing and displacement maps. I also worked in the main base mesh which was used for all male characters in the spot.

From the texturing point of view, this project was a nice experience, as the characters are Sweaty and dirty. Something not that usual in commercial projects.

During the process I went to Sweden and i've spent 2 months at meindbender working on the shading and lighting.
I worked basically in all characters shading, being guided by Michael Bengtsson (Maxwell Master).

Lots of shot lighting, props modeling/texturing/shading to full sequences shading and lighting like the Commentators and Gillette Particles.
Comps, comps and more comps too. :)

Don't forget to check the Credits below the video.

Production Companies: Techno Image, Meindbender
Executive Producer: Guilherme Proença, Michael Bengtsson
Directors: Pedro Conti, Tiago Hoisel, Derek Henriques

Character and Environment Design: Tiago Hoisel, Lucas Leibholz, Alexandre Assumpção, Saulo Brito
Storyboards: Lucas Leibholz, Tiago Hoisel, Alexandre Assumpção
Animatic: Derek Henriques, Alexandre Assumpção, Tiago Hoisel
Color Key: Tiago Hoisel, Lucas Leibholz
Photography Direction: Pedro Conti, Tiago Hoisel
CG Supervisor: Pedro Conti
Character Modeling/Texturing: Pedro Conti, Victor Hugo, Mariano Steiner, Bruno Melo.

Rigging: Calle Halldin
Animation Supervisor: Olov Burman
Animation Lead: Calle Halldin
Animator: Derek Henriques, Eric Deuel, Ivan Oviedo.
3D Generalist: Grzegorz Dalek Saman Mahmoudi, Stefan Ekstéen
Hair and Dynamics: Emanuele Niri
Environment Modeling: Alexandre Assumpção, Pedro Conti, Victor Hugo, Derek Henriques, Hernan Zuniga, André Paixão,l Rafael Ghencev, Mike Verta.
Lighting and Rendering: Pedro Conti, Michael Bengtsson, Mike Verta
Compositing: Pedro Conti, Tiago Hoisel, Victor Hugo Queiroz, Derek Henriques
Audio: Sustain Studio, Lá no Estudio


Some Look Dev I worked on.