Castle crush Cinematic

I was invited by, creators of castle crush, to produce this cinematic in partnership with my friend Fernando Peque.

all images copyright @ TFG Co

Behind the scenes

Some work in progress images that we produced to be approved by TFG Co


Client: TFG CO
Script: Rodrigo Venkli
Executive Producer: Marco Furtado
Soundtrack/Sound design: CacoTeixeira

Production Company: Pedro Conti Studio and Fernando Peque
Director: Pedro Conti and Fernando Peque
Producer: Karina Cunha
Art & Design Director: Fernando Peque, Pedro Conti
Storyboards: Fernando Peque
Animatic: Pedro Conti
CG Director: Pedro Conti
Character Modeling: Pedro Conti, Guilherme Proença, Rayza Alvarez
Environment Modeling: Pedro Conti, Alexandre Assumpção, Guilherme Proença
Grooming: Pedro Conti
Rigging by KippCase Rigging Studio - Vitor Augusto Mariano Silva / Richard Kazuo Maegaki
Layout: Bruno Hamzagic
Animation Supervisor: Bruno Hamzagic
Animation: Bruno Hamzagic, Victor Diniz Amaral Fernandes, Derek Henriques
Look Development: Pedro Conti, Guilherme Proença
Simulation and FX: Pedro Conti
Lighting & Compositing: Pedro Conti