Hey Guys,

it's been pretty intense days in here and it's hard for me to reply the emails I receive asking questions about pipeline, software, industry and carrer path. I decided to create this topic that may help you somehow. I'm going throught my old emails to check the frequently asked questions. I will keep updating this from time to time. 

– What software do you use?

I usually work with 3d Max as main software and zbrush for character sculpting. I use vray as my main engine but I have good experience working with Maxwell render, Arnold Render, Redshift, mental ray, etc. i have also experience with maya, it's not my main tool but I can get the job done in it if needed.

– What are your computer specs?

I have a pretty generic setup. I use a I7 with 32GB of Ram and a GForce GTX - 650 (gotta get a better Graphic card). I also use a Intuos 4 wacom tablet.

- where did you learn 3d and character art?

I Joined a graphic design University in Brazil back in 2005. I was already in love with 3d and all my free time was to learn 3d. After the first year at the university, I was invited to work on an animation studio in Rio de Janeiro and for that reason I had to leave the university. So basically I'm a self-taugh 3d artist, I've learned a lot with people I worked with and also pushing myself on my freetime.