Trojan Horse Was a unicorn 2014

Trojan Horse was a Unicorn is one of the most highlighted CG events happening in the last years. In 2014, Techno Image, studio I was partner, was invited to create an animation spot in which I had the opportunity to Co-direct with Tiago Hoisel and also supervise the production.

Role: Co-director, CG supervisor, Character lead, Look development lead, lighitng director, compositor. 

Characters Modeling

I was reponsible for the modeling on the warrior and viz dev modeling on the Unicorn. Victor hugo Queiroz did the topology and Mariano Steiner did the displacements for the Unicorn.

Look Development

I was responsible for all the look development on the spot, making sure everything was polished and consistent. Rouhollah Toghyani Was responsible for the grooming.

Raw Render, no comp.


The overall realism is a sum of many elements. How the stones are scattered in the ground, the colors; I used displacement for every single object in the scene, which helps to break the 3D aspect.

Raw Render


The renders in this project are almost exactly what you see in the final spot. The comp work was basically a beauty render plus a dust pass and color correction. I believe getting the render as close to the final result as possible makes the final piece much more believable than when comp-ing lots of things.