This is another collaboration with my buddy Fernando Peque (, as always a super fun experience. Fernando did a first pass on the design and after that, we had a lot of conversations to get the character as it is. I suggested a bunch of stuff that Fernando incorporated in the character and them we pushed back to 3d. It was some very organic process. 
This character we started a long time ago, but due commercial projects, it was shelved. I took some time off with the new baby coming this July and finally had the opportunity to put some good hours to wrap it up. I also used this character as opportunity too improve my skill overall and also push the tools I use. I used basically 3d max and zbrush for modeling, rendering was done in Maya with arnold and groomed with xgen. I also used some VDB files from Travis Davids.

I hope you enjoy it!  Follow me on instagram for some cool updates coming up