Natal PErfeito

Project produced in my mini studio in partnership with Rede Globo, Alexandre Romano and Fabricio Duque for the Christmas special Natal Perfeito. I helped Alexandre and Duque in the direction, art direction and Cg direction. Challenging spot to render since it's one huge set, lot of geometry, dozens of lights, fog, dof, motion blur, etc. TV globo was in charge in early designs exploration and camera animation while I was pushing with my team in final set and character design, most of the modeling, pipeline, lookdev, rigging, animation, lighting and comp.

Full credits Bellow:

Production Company: Pedro Conti Studio

Direction: Alexandre Romano, Fabricio Duque Pedro Conti

Art Direction: Alexandre Romano, Fabricio Duque Pedro Conti

CGDirector: Pedro Conti

Concept art: Pedro Conti, Fernando Peque, Igor Ching

Character design: Pedro Conti, Igor Ching

3D Modeling: Pedro Conti, Fabricio Duque, Leo Rezende, Wanderson Andre Santos and Paulo Sampaio

Additional Modeling: Lincoln Horita

Character Animation: Fabricio Duque, Marcio Nicolosi and Yuri Lementi

Rigging: Henrique Ribeiro

Texturing, shading, lighting and rendering: Pedro Conti

Compositing and FX: Pedro Conti and Fabricio Duque


TV Globo Credits:

Direção de Criação: Sergio Valente, Mariana Sá

Direção Geral: Alexandre Romano Criação: Fabricio Duque. Igor Ching San

Direção e Direção de Arte: Alexandre Romano, Fabricio Duque

Computação Gráfica: Pedro Conti, Fabricio Duque, Wanderson Andre Santos

Produção Executiva: Orlando Martins

Logo Design: Fabricio Duque

Coordenacão de Criação: Valerycka Rizzo Atendimento: Carla Sá, Suzana Prista, Isabel Arthou, Dryelle Primo

Trilha: Sacha Amback

Produção: Pedro Conti Studio